Pre-paid funerals

The simple gift of planning ahead

You never know what the future holds. Pre-planning your funeral is one way to take back control in an uncertain world. That way, when it’s your time to go, we’ll make sure your wishes are met and your family is looked after. 

  • A safe, simple way to pay
    Cover the cost of your funeral in full or through monthly instalments. Your funds will be held securely under APRA regulation until it’s time to say goodbye.

    Monthly instalment payment is not available for packages, full payment is required at the time of arranging your pre-paid funeral.
  • Your funeral, your way
    Decide how you’d like to be remembered with a range of affordable packages. We’ll work with you to create a service that feels just right.
  • Ease the burden on your family
    Pre-planning your funeral allows your family the time to grieve, without the pressure of making difficult decisions on your behalf.
  • Lock in today’s prices
    Pay today’s prices for your service so you’re not impacted by inflation. Transfer your package to any Simplicity Funerals location or choose one of 240+ InvoCare locations Australia-wide

Start planning ahead the simple way

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Frequently asked questions

Is a pre-paid funeral the same as funeral insurance?

No. A pre-paid funeral allows you to plan and pre-pay the exact service you’d like in full, with no extra costs for your family to cover later. 

Funeral insurance, on the other hand, is an agreed premium you pay on a recurring basis, which might cover some or all of your service when the time comes. With funeral insurance, your family will still need to plan your funeral and you may end up paying more in premiums than your funeral costs in the end.

What happens to my money?

We partner with Guardian Plan to facilitate our pre-paid funeral services. On behalf of Guardian Plan, your funds are held by The Over Fifty Guardian Friendly Society Limited. Your investment will be managed in accordance with guidelines established by the Society, regulated by APRA. 

Guardian plan is trusted by more than 70,000 customers, who currently have more than $600 million of funds under management with the Society.

Your money will be held safely until the time comes for your funeral to be finalised, and the services will be provided according to the wishes you set out in the contract.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes. Once you agree on the details and final price of your pre-paid funeral, you can either:

  • pay in full; or
  • pay an initial 30% contribution, followed by monthly instalments over 36 months.

Monthly instalment payment is not available for packages, full payment is required at the time of arranging your pre-paid funeral.

You may authorise a direct debit against your bank account so the payments happen automatically.

If the Guardian Plan is required before the instalments are fully paid, then provided your payments are up-to-date, Guardian Plan can ensure the payments are put towards the agreed funeral. Any shortfall will be payable to the funeral director at that time.

How are my funds released?

When you pre-plan your funeral service, we’ll ask you for the contact details of someone we might expect to hear from after you’ve passed. This person may be a close family member or the executor of your will.  

What does a pre-paid funeral include?

Anything you like…almost. We’ll work with you to decide the type of funeral you’d like. We’ll plan everything from the venue to the music, floral arrangements and refreshments. We can include any personal touches you’d like, including a eulogy from someone special or a poem, prayer or passage from a religious text. 

We believe even the simplest goodbyes can leave a special impact on your loved ones, so if you’re not sure about the details, we can help you decide. 

Helping Australians say goodbye on their terms

Pre-paid funerals with Simplicity are made possible by Guardian Plan, proudly part of InvoCare. InvoCare is Australia’s leading provider of funeral, cemetery, crematoria and related services. Guardian Plan is a funeral bond issued by the Over Fifty Guardian Friendly Society Limited (the Society) ABN 81 087 649 063 AFSL 524353. Over 70,000 customers currently have more than $600 million of funds under management with the Society.

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