Cultural funeral services


With funeral homes around Australia, Simplicity Funerals has provided funeral services to meet the needs of Australians from many different cultural backgrounds since 1979.

As Australia’s mix of cultures is diverse, our funeral directors have experience in conducting non-religious funeral services as well as services for Anglican, Buddhist, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Hindu, Jewish and Muslim families. You can find more information on our understanding of the funeral practices of these cultures and faiths via the links below.

If the funeral service tradition you would like us to follow is not listed here, Simplicity Funerals will still be able to arrange the service accordingly. Talk to your Simplicity funeral director on 1300 556 222 about ideas to make the funeral service a special farewell while remaining true to your culture.

Non-religious services

Anglican services

Catholic services

Buddhist services

Eastern Orthodox services

Hindu services

Jewish services

Muslim services