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We offer Adelaide and surrounding areas simple, affordable and respectful funerals. Our dedicated funeral directors support the communities of Enfield, Morphett Vale, Old Noarlunga, Plympton, Rosewater and Salisbury. 

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Choose from 6 Simplicity Funerals locations in and around Adelaide. 

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Our team of funeral directors are here to assist you in arranging a meaningful funeral service in your local area. 

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Our Adelaide facilities offer well-equipped chapels and viewing rooms, providing a welcoming environment to host a heartfelt farewell for your loved one. 

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All of our funeral homes ensure accessibility with convenient on-site parking or nearby public transport options.

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My deepest gratitude goes out to Susan and the Simplicity team. Thank you for the genuine compassion, empathy, respect and support you gave me throughout this process. I also offer my thanks and praises for the way you respectfully honoured Harry and his body, meeting all requests to meet his spiritual needs.

- R Roosken, Plympton

Meet Irene, Funeral Director at Simplicity Funerals Plympton

Irene has been organising funerals for 15 years. She became a funeral director after her mum died suddenly, wanting to help guide people through difficult times.

Why choose Simplicity Funerals? 
We can offer families any kind of service they need to be able to say goodbye. Our team can help you organise a funeral that reflects the life of your loved one. We also like to give back to our local community. We support Westcare Homeless Centre and Share the Dignity – every lady should have access to hygiene products.

What's the most remarkable funeral you've ever arranged? 
My most remarkable funeral was held at the Douglas Scrub Adventure Camp. Family and friends wore bright clothing, we had a band and three TVs outside for people to see the service from all angles. There was dancing and singing, and the mourners carried their loved one along a hiking trail that he loved before the committal took place.

What do you do in your spare time? 
I love to go walking and hiking with my dog and my daughter. I also love to read, watch cricket and spend time looking after my fishpond. I have 25 goldfish that I love to watch – it gives me a chance to sit quietly and relax.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I hold a funeral in Adelaide?
There are many places to hold a funeral or memorial service in Adelaide or more broadly across South Australia. The choice of location depends on your preferences, the size of your gathering and you or your loved one’s preference for the ceremony. You may opt for one of our Simplicity Chapels, a church, community hall, or an outdoor setting like Centennial Park, Adelaide’s beautiful cemetery and memorial park. The key is to choose the venue that feels most fitting for your loved one’s farewell. 

Can I plan a funeral around my religious or cultural customs?
Of course. Our team is experienced in planning meaningful funeral services for people from all religious and cultural backgrounds. We’ll take the time to understand your requirements and design a service that reflects your faith or background. Learn more about this in our Cultural Funeral Services guide.

How much does a funeral cost in South Australia?
The cost of your loved one’s funeral can vary depending on the type of service, location, number of attendees and the specific arrangements. We offer a range of simple, affordable funeral and private cremation packages, because we believe it doesn’t have to cost the earth to mean the world. 


There’s comfort in Simplicity

The Simplicity Funerals team are accessible to everyone.

For over four decades we’ve brought families, friends and communities together to say goodbye to their loved ones – on their terms and within their means. During that time we’ve learned that life is complex, but in the end, what matters is simple.

If you’re ready to begin planning a funeral service in Adelaide, please call us any time. We’re available 24/7.