A simple approach to funerals

Lean on our experience to plan an affordable and respectful funeral service that reflects your wishes.

Simple steps to plan a funeral

Here's what to expect from our simple planning process


1. When someone dies

Get in touch with us to begin planning or start the process online. We’ll organise a time to meet in person or virtually to plan the funeral service. 

2. Meeting your funeral director

We’ll take you through the important decisions, including the venue, coffin and choice of cremation or burial. We’ll answer any questions you have.

3. On the day of the funeral

We’ll ensure everything runs smoothly before, during and after the service. We can share support resources to help you and your family manage your grief.  

We're simply different

At Simplicity, we know a funeral doesn’t have to cost the earth to mean the world. We’ll take care of the details, giving you and your family peace of mind. Here’s how we support you.

Funeral live streaming

Give all your family and friends a chance to say goodbye

We offer funeral live streaming services to ensure all your friends and family can say goodbye, even if they can’t make it in person on the day. We partner with OneRoom to provide high-quality video streaming for those who are far away or cannot make it to the service. 

More questions about planning a funeral service?

Here are some answers to common questions.

What is the process of planning a funeral service?

Planning a funeral can be as simple or involved as you like. Losing a loved one can be a challenging experience, so our goal is to make the process as simple and comforting as possible. You’ll meet with your funeral director to discuss various service options including the location, style of service and the date. We’ll prepare for the service, taking care of the details so you can focus on grieving. You can read more about the planning process in our Simple Guide to Funerals.

Can I plan a funeral around my religious or cultural customs?

Of course. Our team is experienced in planning meaningful funeral services for people from all walks of life. We’ll take the time to understand your customs and preferences and design a service that reflects your faith or background. Learn more about this in our Cultural Funeral Services guide.

How much do funeral services cost?

The average funeral in Australia costs between $4,000–$15,000. For a simple, low-cost option, you can organise a private cremation, without a funeral service. Alternatively, you can host a funeral service with catering and an external venue, followed by a cremation or burial with a small number of guests. 

We understand that losing a loved one can bring an immense amount of stress, both emotional and financial.  That’s why we offer simple, affordable funeral packages that aim to ease this burden. View our pricing and packages for more information.

How do I choose between burial or cremation?

This is an important decision. If you’re unsure of your own preference or of your loved one’s wishes, your funeral director can help you understand both options to make an informed decision. You can also read more in our Guide to Cremation and Guide to Burials.