It's a simple story

Since 1979, we’ve helped people honour lives. We bring families, friends and communities together to say goodbye on their terms and within their means.

We're simply different

Simplicity Funerals opened its doors in 1979 with a belief that everyone deserves dignity and affordability. It’s a philosophy that continues to guide our 55 locations and mobile services across Australia.

Our range of services come from our experience and unwavering dedication. We want everyone to have the complete clarity and reliability to say goodbye, without it costing the earth. Because we believe simplicity means living and dying within your means.

There is comfort in simplicity

Our experience is why simplicity underpins everything we do. The Simplicity Funerals team are respectful, dignified and accessible to everyone. Our services are just as simple as our legacy, because during tough times, we believe simplicity is a great comfort.


Join the Simplicity family 

Alongside our parent company, InvoCare, we’re creating a working culture that is as simple and dignified as our approach. Our employment selection process goes beyond experience to consider the qualities, vision and dedication of every applicant. Because to us, understanding what we stand for is more important than having years of industry experience under your belt.

Being a funeral director is a satisfying vocation. It takes skill to arrange a significant family event in a short time frame. The qualities we look for in a funeral director include listening, empathy, compassion, patience, flexibility, attention to detail, and the dedication to provide a high standard of care to all.

If you have these qualities, we will provide complete training.