What to expect in a burial ceremony

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What happens at a burial

Although most Australians choose to be cremated, burials still account for around 30% of funerals. If you are planning to bury a loved one – whether for religious, spiritual or personal reasons – it can help to know what is involved in the process.

Here, we describe what to expect in a burial ceremony, including the different things to consider before choosing a burial as well as the options that are available to you and your family.

Decisions involved in a burial

When you choose to burying a loved one, there are a number of decisions you might need to make that differ from a cremation. Sometimes, you may already be aware of the deceased’s wishes – which makes planning a burial ceremony that little bit easier. Either way, Simplicity Funerals is here to help.

Here are some of the things you will need to consider:

  • Where to bury your loved one? If your family does not already have a plot within a cemetery, you will need to arrange to buy one. Your funeral director can help put you in contact with local cemeteries.
  • Above or below ground burial? In addition to the traditional burial in the earth that most of us would think of, there is also a range of above ground burials options like crypts, vaults and mausoleums.
  • Will there be a chapel service, graveside service or both? You can hold a funeral ceremony in a venue like a chapel or by the graveside. Typically graveside services are small but it’s not uncommon for people to have a larger public service at a venue and a small private service at the graveside.

Simplicity Funerals can help you make all of these decisions and more. Call one of our trained funeral directors for more information.

What to expect at a burial

When the time comes to bury your loved one, the ceremony will often be shaped by your loved one’s personal and religious beliefs.

Burials, which are becoming less frequent in Australia, are commonly practiced by certain faiths. Each of these faiths – like Islam, Judaism and Catholicism and many more – has its own customs for the burial ceremony.

If your loved one’s burial is not bound by any cultural or religious customs, then the burial ceremony can unfold any way you would like, within the guidelines of the cemetery.

After most funeral ceremonies, many families choose to organise a gathering or ‘wake’ – where people can go to get together and remember the deceased in a supportive environment. Some cemeteries even have venues on-site, this is often a convenient option for many families.

Planning any funeral can be an emotional time for most people. Simplicity Funerals is here to help with practical, compassionate and affordable guidance every step of the way.