Simplified: Your questions about death and funerals

Your Questions Simplified

Death is one of life's few certainties. However in our "death-phobic" society, important end-of-life questions often go un-asked. 

Research reveals that while 90 per cent of us believe discussing end of life is important, only 27 per cent have actually done so. 

Demystifying death starts with talking about it. For those wondering where to begin, Ray Leon suggests simple questions, such as “what songs would you like played at your funeral service?” So, from whackier wonderings to practical ponderings, Ray talks about and answers some of the questions he gets commonly asked in his role as a funeral director at Simplicity Funerals. 

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What is embalming?

Embalming is the process of chemically treating a human body in order to disinfect and preserve the body. A trained embalmer carries out this procedure when it is required. Circumstances where embalming may be needed include:

  • A longer than average delay between death and the funeral
  • Transfer of deceased overseas or even interstate
  • Above ground burials in a crypt or vault
  • Improving the appearance of the deceased for a viewing.

If you have any questions about embalming or other mortuary procedures our qualified embalmers are always willing to discuss these matters with you.