Simple Guide to Funerals

At Simplicity we understand that when a loved one passes away, whether it is expected or not, it can be difficult to know what you need to do. To help you at this difficult time our 5 step guide may assist:

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Step 1 – Cause of death and transfer of the body into care

A funeral director can only bring a deceased into our care when a medical practitioner has signed off on the medical cause of death. Depending on the circumstances this certification can be completed by:

  • The family doctor or one at a nursing home, aged care centre, or hospital.
  • A Coroner, and
  • In some states, a paramedic.

Because different systems exist in different states, this form may be called:

  • Medical Certificate Cause of Death
  • Certificate of Life Extinct
  • Record of Life Extinct, or
  • Doctors Certificate of Cause of Death.

Step 2 – Make contact with a funeral home

We’re available for calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we can arrange to bring your loved one into care.

Contact us online     or     1300 556 222

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Step 3 - Meet with your Simplicity funeral director

  • We will find a time that is convenient for you to either come in and see us, or for us to meet you somewhere you feel comfortable
  • We will offer you our support and care, as well as answer all of your questions
  • Make arrangements for the funeral service, a burial or a cremation
  • Make suggestions about how to personalise the funeral, and
  • We will attend to all of the official details for the funeral, the burial or cremation.
  • More information about what to expect when meeting your funeral director is available.

Step 4 – Day of the funeral

On the day of service, Simplicity Funerals will take care of everything. Our staff will look after you, your family and friends in a genuine, open and respectful way.

  • We will conduct the funeral according to the choices you have made, and
  • We will provide emotional support and guidance at the service to you and your guests.

Step 5 – After the funeral

We offer a series of ongoing After Care services to support people in need.

Our funeral directors regularly give talks on Coping with Grief to groups. These talks:

  • Look at the nature of grief and the effects it can have
  • Demonstrate communication skills that are helpful when talking to people affected by grief
  • Show how to deal with your own grief

Our courses are ideal for people who have experienced loss, for carers, volunteers, businesses, school and church communities as well as counsellors and medical professionals.

We can also provide you with online coping resources to assist you to cope with grief.