Planning ahead the simple and affordable way

Option 1: Prepay today, nothing to pay tomorrow with a prepaid funeral plan

Make planning for a future funeral service easy and save money with a prepaid funeral plan from Simplicity Funerals.

Plan and pay for your funeral service today, and your family and friends won't be left behind to deal with the funeral costs or worry about making the right choices for the service.

1. Pay today's price - and beat rising costs
2. No ongoing costs - The cost will vary depending on the inclusions. Once paid in full there is no more to pay unless additional inclusions are incurred.
3. Pay in instalments or upfront - you don't need to have the full sum ready at once
4. No extensive paperwork or health checks needed - it's a simple and quick process
5. Tailor your plan to meet your needs - your funeral service, your way, to suit your budget
6. Peace of mind - your affairs will be in order, and unnecessary stress is removed from your family
7. Pension & entitlements - no negative effects, in fact a prepaid funeral might help you obtain full/part pension

Get started today

Call us, stop by one of our many funeral homes or request a call back and we walk you through the rest. It's that simple.

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Simplicity Funerals gives you the security of dealing with Australia’s leading national funeral services provider. All prepaid funeral funds are managed by a public trustee, ensuring you the money will be there when it's needed.

Jeanie & Ted: "The people at Simplicity were absolutely magic..they couldn't have done any more for us."

After they had arranged a funeral for their son with us, Jeanie & Ted realised how much easier it is to have a plan already in place.

They agreed the smartest thing for them to do was to arrange for a prepaid funeral with Simplicity. It's simple, affordable and let's you create your service, in your own way.

With a prepaid funeral your service will be planned and paid for, giving both you and your loved ones peace of mind knowing that the funeral costs and the arrangement details are already taken care of.

See why a prepaid funeral was the best idea for Jeanie & Ted:

"Having been through what we've just been through, and having had Simplicity help us, it's not something to be frightened of.
And if you have the right people - like Simplicity - helping you it makes it so much easier." - Jeanie

Video published in November 2015.

Prepaid funerals and pensions

Asset tests are how the Australian government determines whether retirees receive a full pension, partial pension, or none at all; but did you know you can reduce tested assets by purchasing a prepaid funeral?

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Option 2: A funeral bond

Talk to us about a funeral bond which is effectively a savings plan you can accumulate towards a prepaid funeral plan from Simplicity Funerals.

Your bond will be managed by the Over Fifty Guardian Friendly Society, a mutual organisation that belongs to its members, and benefits from regulatory authority oversight of its rules and regulations. When you have saved enough through your funeral bond you can talk to your Simplicity funeral director about converting your bond into a full prepaid funeral plan.

Get started today

Call us, stop by one of our many funeral homes, or request a call back and we walk you through the rest. It's that simple.

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What happens once I've prepaid my funeral?

Once you've prepaid a funeral service with Simplicity you can relax.

Just keep the details of your prepaid funeral plan with your important papers. When the funeral service is needed, your family only needs to call their local Simplicity Funerals and we will look after them and carry out your instructions.

If you move to another suburb or state, you will need to nominate a new Simplicity funeral home to register your prepaid funeral plan with.