A prepaid funeral means no extra costs. It's a simple choice.

Funeral costs shouldn't be left to loved ones to cover after we die and while some people opt for funeral insurance, this can lead to paying more than you should to protect your family as all those small payments over time add up and you could end up paying more than you expect.

To compare your situation, read on for a couple of examples and more facts about prepaid funeral plans.

Example 1:

Gender: Male
Age when start paying funeral insurance: 60
Age when funeral is needed: 83

Your 23 years as a policy holder costs you $11,724. Alternatively, a prepaid funeral would cost you $6,500 today.

Extra information:

You might have a funeral insurance policy that guarantees that you will either be paid the sum insured or the sum of the premiums paid (whichever is greater). Although, you may receive your premiums of $11,724 back, the cost of a future funeral may be higher due inflation. Assuming an inflation rate of 3.5% the future funeral could cost up to $14,340. In this example, your family would still need to pay an additional $2,616 to give you the funeral you want.

Prepaying your funeral in this scenario will save you $2,616.

Example 2:

Gender: Female
Age when start paying funeral insurance: 70
Age when funeral is needed: 88

Your 18 years as a policy holder costs you $13,000. Alternatively, a prepaid funeral would cost you $6,500 today.

Extra information:

In the case that your funeral insurance policy caps your premiums at a multiple of 2, you will be paid out the covered amount even though you have paid extra in premiums over the years(i.e. you’ve paid premiums of $13,000 but your payout will be $6,500. Therefore, you have paid an extra $6,500 in premiums).

Again, the cost of a future funeral will increase according to inflation. In this example, a future funeral could cost $12,074 but your payout will only cover $6,500 of the funeral. As such, your family would have to pay an additional $5,574 for your funeral.

Prepaying your funeral in this scenario could save you up to $12,074.

Why Prepay over Funeral Insurance?

Simplicity Funerals Prepaid Funeral Plan makes planning for the future easy and affordable. With just one upfront payment, you can lock in the funeral you want at today’s prices. So whenever the day comes, there’ll be no additional costs for your family to pay.*

* The cost of a prepaid funeral will vary depending on the inclusions within the agreement. Any additions to the original agreement made may incur extra costs.


With funeral insurance, you may think you have your family covered for funeral expenses, but often it won’t cover all of the costs of your funeral. In certain cases, your premiums could exceed your payout but you still may not be covered for the cost of a future funeral, which will increase according to inflation rates.

In contrast, a prepaid funeral is a fixed price plan which means you aren't left vulnerable to further costs or rising premiums. What’s more, the plan is inflation proof. Once you've paid it off, you can sit back and relax knowing it’s all been taken care of.


While funeral insurance provides no assistance with the detailed planning process of organising a funeral to your exact wishes, a Prepaid Funeral with Simplicity allows you to determine exactly the type of service you would like.

A Simplicity funeral director will guide you through the options available, making the process as easy as possible for you. We provide an affordable way to reflect your wishes and ensure your family is well looked after when the time comes – we will be by your family’s side every step of the way.


If you prepay your funeral with Simplicity today but move interstate, there’s no need to worry. The Prepaid Funeral Plan is wholly transferable and can move with you. As long as there is an accredited funeral home within the Simplicity Network near you, you can rest assured knowing all you need to do is notify us that you've moved.

Wherever, and whenever, your time comes, your final goodbye will be done the way you expect it. And there won’t be any unexpected costs.

Prepaid funerals and pensions

Asset tests are how the Australian government determines whether retirees receive a full pension, partial pension, or none at all; but did you know you can reduce tested assets by purchasing a prepaid funeral?