SuperCare - Use Superannuation to fund your funeral

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SuperCare - Funeral service financial assistance using your superannuation funds

We aim to keep things simple. Even when it comes to funding a funeral, which is why we can offer you financial assistance through SuperCare.

SuperCare assists you to access the funds in your superannuation to pay for a funeral.

SuperCare is the only provider in Australia that uses a 15-year Government initiative to help people access their Superannuation in times of funeral need.

SuperCare strives towards offering a service of guidance and education to ensure a simple and easy process. SuperCare supports you every step of the way.

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Funding Funerals & Advice

During a time of bereavement, often the financial burden of a funeral or memorialisation can weigh heavily on your family’s hearts. There are many costs to consider including professional fees, death certificate, storage, embalming and transportation, the casket or coffin, cemetery and internment fees and fees for the ceremony and clergy.

Saying goodbye to your loved one the way you want should reflect your values and wishes and be something everyone is proud of.

It can seem overwhelming, which is why SuperCare can help you.

SuperCare facilitates the application process in gaining approval from the DHS through the Government’s Early Release of Superannuation Initiative to help pay for Funeral and Memorialisation costs.

There are many circumstances where SuperCare can help:

  • A family might not have immediate access to finance to cover a funeral or memorial service
  • There may not be existing insurance or prepaid arrangements in place
  • A family might require fast approval for funds - often in as little as 24 hours

There are other situations that SuperCare can assist with and our experienced Consultants care about helping you understand how we can best help with yours. We're with you each and every step of the way.