Burial or cremation


Your Simplicity funeral director can help you find the most appropriate cemetery for either a burial or a cremation.

We recommend these cemeteries both as venues where a service can be held, and as a crematorium offering beautiful memorial spaces.

New South Wales

In New South Wales we recommend these cemeteries:

The following are beautiful venues for a funeral service, and offer cremation memorials:


In Queensland we recommend these cemeteries:

The following is a beautiful venue for a funeral service, and offer cremation memorials:

Once a decision about which cemetery to use has been made, your Simplicity funeral director will ask you if you want any of the following:


A viewing is where your loved one is dressed and presented for family and friends to privately pay their respects and say their final goodbyes before the funeral service takes place.

Viewings are normal in many cultures and can be very helpful in coping with grief.

Graveside service

This is a service held at the graveside. It can be after the funeral service, or used as the venue for the funeral service.

Internment service

When a permanent memorial is ready, families sometimes hold a service to mark the occasion and place the ashes inside and seal them in.

A permanent memorial is important for many reasons, including giving friends and family members a place to visit for years to come to remember their loved one. It also allows your loved one’s service in the armed forces or other organisations to be permanently acknowledged.

Scattering service

Some families choose to scatter the remains of a loved one in a place that was special to the deceased. Simplicity Funerals can help with the practical details such as getting permission, if it is required.

Some families chose to scatter most, but not all of their loved one’s ashes. The rest can be placed in a permanent memorial which gives people a place to visit to remember the person for generations to come. This can be helpful in dealing with grief.

Family gathering

After a funeral service it is common for a family gathering or ‘wake’ to be held. It can be simple, or you might prefer something more special.

Simplicity Funerals can help take away some of the stress of organising a family gathering that meets expectations yet remains affordable. The funeral director can liaise with the venue and assist you. Many memorial parks and gardens offer after funeral venues and catering, which can be perfect for this kind of gathering.

Making the right choice

Simplicity Funerals staff are experienced, efficient and genuine. We will help you make the right choices for you and your family in a simple, affordable way. We are committed to helping you to make the right choices.