HeavenAddress Online Memorials

HeavenAddress is Australia's leading online memorial site and Simplicity Funerals now offers its families a free online memorial with HeavenAddress in honour of their loved ones.

We understand that every life is special and everyone has a story to tell, so this free online memorial site allows you to share memories, friendship and respect.

By creating a page on HeavenAddress you create a lasting memorial and tribute. It is a place for family, friends and the community to come together in a secure environment to remember and celebrate a life.

Families can create a memorial page, manage and personalise the content and be as creative as they choose with the memories they wish to share. This can include sharing photos and offering prayers and condolences. It will also let you link to community groups and charity organisations.

HeavenAddress can be accessed from any location, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This is especially convenient for those who are not physically located near the final resting place. Now you can visit a place online to connect with your memories and to share comfort and condolence with others also missing the same person.

Some of the things the site allows you to do include:

  • Post music, photo’s or video clips
  • Add testimonials, stories, eulogies, tributes and offer prayers and condolences
  • Send a flower or light a candle
  • Link to community groups and charity organisations
  • Add information and links on family history/genealogy.

Visit HeavenAddress today.