Non-religious funerals


The need for a fitting way to remember a departed loved one and say goodbye is universal, even among the non-religious. A non-religious funeral just means a ceremony to honour the deceased that is not tied to the traditions, rituals, or beliefs of any particular religion. Many of the same elements, such as eulogies and non-religious funeral readings, are used.

Our non-religious services offer the flexibility and freedom to personalise your funeral. The celebrants that facilitate these services are always guided by your vision and budget. Whether it’s held at the beach, park or family home, these services typically include:

  • Welcome
  • Musical tributes 
  • Eulogies 
  • Readings 
  • Video or photo presentations 
  • Farewell


Goodbyes are different in every religion and culture

Contact your local Simplicity Funerals team to discuss how we can help you plan a service on your terms and within your means.