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With Simplicity Funerals, arranging a funeral service doesn't have to be difficult, expensive or confusing.

One step at a time, we will take you through the decisions that need to be made and help you make the choices that suit your needs.

At each point we will check that you understand everything, answer your questions and offer you care and support. The funerals we help arrange are personal and meaningful, but without the complications and the fuss. 

In this video testimonial from late 2015, Pamela shares her experience with Simplicity Funerals in Perth when she needed to arrange her dad's funeral service.

What I need to know

At all of Simplicity’s funeral homes our customers come first. We know this might not be an easy time for you but we will help you arrange a funeral service in the easiest way possible.

We will explain all the options available to you so that the choices you make meet the needs of your culture, religion, lifestyle and financial situation. We want to relieve you and your family from as much stress and worry as possible by giving you honest and practical advice and guidance.

You’ll probably have many questions, particularly if you have not experienced arranging a funeral before. We are here to listen and answer all your questions, regardless of what they are.

Someone has died and I need to arrange a funeral

When someone dies it can be overwhelming. We understand you may feel lost but Simplicity’s funeral directors will take care of all the immediate things and advise you on the next steps to put your mind at ease.

After you call your local Simplicity funeral home on 1300 556 222, here are some of the steps involved:

  • Deciding on a burial or a cremation
  • Deciding on the style of the funeral service. Traditional or a celebration of life? Religious or humanist?
  • Deciding on personal touches like a special song to be played, or special food at the wake? Tell us how we can make the funeral service a perfect farewell
  • Choosing a venue, date and time for the funeral service, and
  • Death Certificates. Your funeral director will complete the application on your behalf

Prepaid funerals

The other way Simplicity Funerals can help you is when you arrange and prepay a funeral service with us.

Prepaying a funeral service saves you money and protects your loved ones from the complication of arranging a funeral at an emotional time.

Your wishes will be recorded and Simplicity Funerals will honour your personal choices.

More information about a Prepaid Funeral Plan from Simplicity Funerals is available.

For the service

On the day of service, Simplicity Funerals will take care of everything. Our staff will look after you, your family and friends in the following genuine, open and respectful ways:

  • Being there for family and friends
  • Making sure arrangements go to plan
  • Well groomed attendants, hearses and family cars, and
  • Offering assistance whenever required.

You can also use our website to:

  • Help you write a eulogy
  • Order flowers to be delivered at a funeral service or to a loved one’s home, and
  • Get information about coping with grief.

After the service

Simplicity’s funeral directors know losing a loved one can be a life-changing experience, so we offer a series of ongoing After Care services to support people in need. We will be there for you after the funeral to provide you with information on how to adjust to grief.

Our funeral directors regularly give talks on Coping with Grief to groups. These talks:

  • Look at the nature of grief and the effects it can have
  • Demonstrate communication skills that are helpful when talking to people affected by grief, and
  • Show how to deal with your own grief.

Our courses are ideal for people who have experienced loss, for carers, volunteers, businesses, school and church communities as well as counsellors and medical professionals.