The Simplicity Story

For 35 years Simplicity Funerals has been giving Australian families a simple, practical, affordable yet respectful alternative to the services offered by other funeral providers.

The first Simplicity funeral home opened in 1979 with the vision of giving families real choice in funeral services through simple funeral services made easy, and at affordable prices.

To this day we remain true to this vision.

Australia's funeral home

From our humble beginning we now have more than 40 funeral homes conveniently located around Australia. Our growth has coincided with changing ideas towards funeral services like civil celebrants, alternatives to church or religious venues, and musical tributes for the departed.

Simplicity Funerals championed all of these changes and our funeral directors continue to find ways to create funeral services that are respectful, dignified and, in today’s value conscious world, affordable.

Simplicity Funerals is not only an Australian success story as we have also exported our name to Singapore. The first Simplicity Casket funeral home opened in Singapore in 2009.

Our mission

To provide funeral arrangements that are affordable, practical and respectful. Our highly trained funeral directors are committed to providing the best funeral services that suit every race, religion, lifestyle and price range.

Simply different

At each Simplicity funeral home all families are treated with the same dignity and respect no matter their race, religion, culture, financial situation or lifestyle. Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary funeral, our funeral directors will ease you through the process of arranging a funeral with simple choices to make.

Whatever your needs, we will look after you with care and compassion, answering all of your questions so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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Simply leaders

Simplicity funeral homes are recognised for the ongoing training and development we provide to our funeral directors on a full range of funeral topics.

We are committed to leading the funeral profession by providing national leadership, effective partnerships, continuing education and public awareness.

All of Simplicity’s funerals homes are members of the Australian Funeral Directors Association (AFDA). AFDA develops and promotes professional standards for providers of funeral services. All Simplicity funeral homes abide by AFDA’s Code of Ethics.

Simply customer service

Simplicity’s funeral directors are committed to providing high quality funeral services in a simple, uncomplicated way at a price that families can afford. 

Because we take this commitment seriously, Simplicity will respond to any feedback or complaints quickly and efficiently to ensure you are happy with the result.

You can contact us 24/7 by calling or by sending us an e-mail:

1300 556 222

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